Hey, welcome to the party! UBP14

Ultimate Blog Party 2014Hey, I’m glad you are here! So I was not at all planning on having a party, but when I found out there was one starting I thought to myself “it’s about time I went to a nice party with some smart people”

I don’t go to too many parties these days, it’s not easy to go to parties when you have a small baby to tend to and no babysitter. And when I do go to anything my husband is at home to take care of our two sons.

Oh I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself! So hi, I’m Linda. A mother of two, from Sweden, married to a Brazilian, lived 12 years almost abroad, UK and Brazil, moved back to Sweden which is where we are now.



I LOOOOVE to talk about online marketing. Helping entrepreneurs get unstuck and clear on their ideas to come up with new great ideas that works for their business – that is my thing! My head is spinning with ideas whenever I talk to someone who has got a business idea or who has been in business for some time.

Let me confess: My memory is not that great. My husband for example may tell me something and a few days later talk about it again, I almost never remember who or what he is talking about…. But, I remember business stuff! Drives him crazy and it’s kinda annoying really so I try to pay attention to whenever he or someone else is speaking. I guess that is what you call selective memory.

But really it’s because I have so many things in my head, family stuff, business stuff etc. There is always something spinning in my head.

I am a happy person. But I have my fair share of melancholy every now and then. But normally I am a very positive and optimistic person who believes everything is possible and we all have the power to change our lives in a positive way.

I’ve been blogging professionally and designing websites for almost ten years now and today I run Sweden’s only real online blog course for business owners. Blogging is a favorite subject of mine.

When I don’t work, which is something I basically do all the time even if it’s not always classified as work, I like to hang with a few dear friends and have coffee. And I love hugging and kissing my babies. Well baby I guess, the bigger baby is almost 10, although very affectionate he is not always up for moms´cuddle.

A party without music? Oh no, let me fix that!

It’s my party…tralalallaaaaaaa What? Not the music you expected… hmm.. let me see..

Better? Well I can’t please everyone, but Emeli is a fav of mine. Gone are the days when I listed to heavy metal, now I prefer some good soul/rnb/pop

 Well what is a party without prizes?

Because I was a bit late I haven’t had time to add a prize to the official list but really that is good for you because now I can add even more stuff!
Here you go:

When you leave a comment below you automatically enter to win:


So leave a comment, tell me something about yourself and tell me which prize you want! And of course tell me the way to your blog so I can visit!

Thank you for stopping by!


    • Linda says

      Thank you for stopping by Anna, I’ll make sure to come over to yours as well! Have fun!

  1. says

    Hello Linda,

    Wow, I enjoyed reading your blog. I can feel your brain waiting to explode with ideas, just from reading this blog. My husband and I also have our own business selling decorative Baby and Wedding Time Capsules. I too, would love to win the coaching session or the Easy Title Template package. You are too funny. I love your interaction on your blog.

    I am so excited about this Ultimate Blog Party 2014. This is my first time here. Check out our blog at http://www.timecapsule.com/author/admin/. We sell wholesale and retail decorative Baby and Wedding Time Capsules. These are great gifts for Baby or Wedding showers or as a product for blog reviews. We have great profit margins if you want to be a reseller. Check us out at http://www.timecapsule.com. Please like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalTimeCapsule

    Making Milestone Moments Count,

    Marcie Norton

    • Linda says

      LOL, than you Marcie, I’m just being me. I love good laugh and think you have to show a bit more of yourself. Moving over to your time capsule now…… *I have some funny pics in my head visioning this right now*

  2. says

    I was late to the party when I first discovered it, too! It’s so much fun, I keep coming back! I’ve been blogging for about 6 years now. It’s nice to meet you!

  3. says

    Fun meeting you through the UBP14! Thanks for stopping by my site! looks like you have a lot going on here! Congrats!!!

  4. says

    Nice to meet you through the UBP14! All three of the prizes you list sounds great. I’d probably choose the coaching session – I’m a dreamer and have a hard time figuring out which dream to follow. :) I currently have several projects in the works and of course have others I’m always thinking of… would love to figure out which one I really want to put everything into. I’ll definitely be back to explore your site.

  5. says

    Hello Linda from UBP14! Your blog looks like an awesome resource and I would love to win a prize…any one of them, though the coaching session would probably be my top choice. :) I’m a stay at home mom of one and one on the way, and am getting ready in the next few weeks to launch my blog off of WordPress to it’s own domain to hopefully use it as a source of supplemental income. I don’t want to get crazy with it, but some grocery cash would be nice. :) Mostly, I want it to be appealing to my audience with smart marketing. I’m excited to follow you via FB and Twitter…and your blog, even if I don’t win! :) Blessings! (My blog is linked in my name.)

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