The Million Dollar Questions You Should Ask

How could you possibly change the life of someone else while improving yours? There are a few questions you should be asking yourself which can make a huge difference in your business: How can I help  today? What can I do today that would improve the life of someone else?

– “How can I help you today?”

That is honestly the thing I ask myself every time I reach out to someone. I am not doing it because I want attention. I am doing it because I truly want to help. I am a helper. It is who I am and it sure has its advantages. Imagine if I didn’t like helping people, I’d definitely say I am in the wrong business then. I’d do it even if I didn’t get paid for it. Thankfully I do.

The world is about giving and receiving. I believe that everything we do will come back to us.

Chris G asked: What Do You Talk About? which was the result of reading Chris B’s post Stop Talking About Yourself. Brilliant questions!

It’s not about you. It isn’t about me or my products or services.

It’s a bout them. The ones that needs you and your help. It’s about what you have that can help them.

No one becomes a millionaire because people decide to give them money for nothing. Although that can happen, but most probable is they have something people like that’s making a difference in someone’s life that is worth paying for.

So how do you tell about our services and products etc without only talking about you?

2 Short But Sweet Super Tips For Balanced Business Blogging

  • Recommend others and what they offer, but more specifically how it can help those looking for that specific answer
  • Be personal. Talk about yourself and what you do but don’t over do it.

That’s it. It is all about balance. Figure out who you are and how you want that to reflect on your business.  If you want to talk about yourself only please do. It could result in you losing business though. But if you don’t care about that then that is absolutely fine with the rest of the world.

Me? I want to help you. I want to find out what you want. Tell me!

5 Questions You Can Ask Yourself So You Can Help Others:

  1. How can I help today?
  2. What is this persons view on this?
  3. What does this particular situation make them feel and how could what I have to offer help right now?
  4. What valuable resource could I refer them to for them to find their answer?
  5. How can my personal opinion help in this matter?

It is fun to help. It is satisfying, energizing and it can be profitable. It depends on your approach I’d like to say.

Now I want to ask you: How can you help someone today? What can you do for someone who needs what you have? How helpful are on a day to day basis? Feel free to leave a comment and help the rest of the world get to know you.

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